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Established in 1996, Chien You Vietnam Co., Ltd, formerly a member unit of Chien You Industry Corporation (Taiwan). Ltd. In 2009, it was officially transformed into Chien You Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Chien You Vietnam is a leading company specializing in the field of:

  • Production and sales of semi-trailers

– Supply of spare parts and materials

– Rental of semi-trailers

– Metal surface treatment – Ball blasting, spray painting

  • Providing mechanical processing and hot-dip galvanizing services

Distribution network

The company has built a nationwide distribution network with over 200 employees, along with the prestigious brand of CHIEN YOU in the market, known and trusted by many domestic and foreign customers.


The brave investment and thorough access of the world’s advanced technology is how Chien You Vietnam moves faster on the path of integration into the global economy and gradually reaches the international level.

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