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One of the core values of Chien You company for employees is: “Committed to fairness and encouraging personal development”. To do this, we cannot do it alone, but with the cooperation of all members of the company.

We understand that, among the levers for business development, human resources are considered the most important lever. Therefore, treating and attracting talents is a prerequisite policy that Chien You always pays attention to and properly invests in.

In particular, Chien You always upholds honesty. Because sustainable beliefs and values can only be created from the loyalty and enthusiasm of our members, no matter where you are in our team.

You will wonder: “Why join Chien You”? What do you get if you join the ranks of Chien You’s staff. We are sure you will get more than what we list below:

Chien You is committed to always creating the best conditions for candidates to develop their full capabilities and skills accumulated during their work.
Training courses to support and improve staff capacity are always held at all branches of Chien You.
We have created a dynamic, friendly and united working environment among employees.
All regulations on employees’ rights are always fully met and strictly implemented by Chien You.
Salary and bonus are commensurate with all employees’ efforts at work.
You are dynamic, creative, passionate and enthusiastic at work. Contact us to realize your career dream together.

Welfare and Compensation at Chien You

Welfare regimes on holidays, birthdays… Annual travel, festivals, events, team building.
Annual leave according to state regulations The working environment is peaceful, dynamic, fun and oriented towards sustainable development.
To fully participate in social insurance and health insurance promulgated according to state regulations.