Warranty policy for semi-trailers

All main beams of semi-trailer – Chien You Vietnam are warranted for 3 years and assembled components are warranted for 1 year at Chien You Vietnam Joint Stock Company. Businesses can easily maintain vehicles, saving costs.

Warranty location

Address: No.12, Road 3A Bien Hoa Industrial Park 2, An Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel: 0913 940 036 – (0251) 3833019
Fax: (0251) 383 2912
Email: info@chienyouvn.com

Warranty terms:

The warranty period for all SMRM semi-trailers and various components is detailed in annex (A). Chien You Vietnam is committed to fixing all operating errors caused by design errors and manufacturer’s technical errors.

For warranty purposes, the user must ensure that the SMRM is operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Potential defects or warranty claims must be reported in writing to Chien You Vietnam promptly and repairs may only be performed by Chien You Vietnam or a company approved by Chien You Vietnam.

The decision to accept or reject the warranty rests with Chien You Vietnam in the event of a breakdown of the components.

The warranty does not cover breakdowns and damages caused by prolonged or improper use, storage or operation.

Any warranty is disclaimed for problems caused by force majeure, forced force majeure events or for any replacement or repair which may result from normal wear and tear of the material. materials, from damage or accidents arising from negligence, lack of supervision of regular inspection and maintenance and from improper use.

Products with a valid warranty period are counted from the date of product delivery.

Warranty information: