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Distinguishing Semi-Trailers and Trailers

In fact, you often hear about vehicles like semi-trailers or trailers. However, not everyone can accurately distinguish these two types of vehicles. Below Chien You Vietnam will help you share some basic knowledge to distinguish between a semi-trailer and a trailer.

1. Distinguishing semi-trailers and trailers in terms of structure

First, we  distinguish between semi-trailers and trailers in terms of structure. The semi-trailer has a design that includes a connector with the tractor truck. Almost the entire weight of the vehicle is placed on the tractor. Meanwhile, the trailer has a completely different design. The entire weight of the trailer is not placed on the tractor truck.

In terms of specific structure, you can distinguish semi-trailers and trailers in a very simple way. The semi-trailer is composed of the following main parts: semi-trailer axle, semi-trailer lock, semi-trailer frame, brake system, suspension system, battery, wheel or tire semi-trailers… while the trailer structure has completely different characteristics. However both are non-motorized road vehicle designs.

2. Distinguish semi-trailers and trailers based on features

On the market today, semi-trailers have many types with many features. Specifically: Cargo semi-trailers, passenger semi-trailers, special-use semi-trailers… For trailers, they are divided into categories such as passenger, cargo, specialized and specialized trailers. caravan trailer. Depending on different functions and uses, these means will have different structures.

3. Distinguish semi-trailers and trailers based on operating characteristics

One of the points that can easily distinguish a semi-trailer from a trailer is the performance characteristics. A trailer is just a part of the vehicle when it comes to traffic. The semi-trailer operates and is recognized as a completely independent vehicle. The semi-trailer has full operation registration papers, number plates, chassis number.

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Above, Chien You Vietnam Joint Stock Company has helped customers to distinguish semi-trailers and trailers from which to gain certain insights. Hope the above information will help you.